Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

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The Massey School’s Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree was created in 1992 and has grown over the years to what is currently the second largest graduate accounting program in the State of Tennessee. In addition, it was recently ranked nationally by TFE as a Top 60 graduate accounting program in the U.S. The Belmont MAcc program can be completed in as little as 12 months and also includes a path for individuals who did not major in accounting as undergraduate students.

Program Admission. Entry requirements for the MAcc may be met in either of two ways. Students may satisfy the prerequisites by completing 18 hours of undergraduate accounting course work. Alternatively, students who have already earned an undergraduate degree, but with less than 18 accounting credits, can prepare for the MAcc by completing Massey’s innovative Summer Accounting Institute, also known as SAI. Students who enroll in SAI receive an intensive 10-week grounding in all basic aspects of accounting. Following this introduction to the field, SAI students are prepared to enter the MAcc at a level similar to their fellow students with undergraduate degrees in accounting. Click here for MAcc degree requirements.

Curriculum. Our MAcc faculty are academically-trained and professionally-certified. The MAcc degree offers students a rigorous, individualized program of study with an intellectually-challenging education—one characterized by a rich array of course offerings, innovative structure, and value-based teaching that is student focused. The program is designed to produce mature graduates for professional careers in accounting and business.  Faculty and curriculum oversight is provided by accounting coordinators, Dr. Lee Warren and Dr. Marilyn Young. 

Careers. Massey MAcc alumni fulfill a variety of roles - from auditor to consultant to business analyst.  Big 4 accounting firms, in particular, are looking for Belmont MAcc graduates who can think critically and handle today’s increasingly complex client environments. Graduates receive offers from one or more of the following: Big 4 firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and/or other leading local and regional firms. Please click here for a list of employers who have hired Massey's accounting alumni.

Experience. Students are not required to have full-time work experience prior to being admitted. However, as with any graduate business degree, some business experience, including part-time experience and student internships will pay dividends for the student and is certainly encouraged. The Massey/COBA Career Services Office assists MACC students in the career planning and placement process, as well as in helping them identify internship opportunities.

Flexibility. We offer flexible schedules to accommodate a student’s professional and personal commitments, with most accounting courses offered every year and some offered each semester. All courses are offered in a Monday through Thursday evening format from 6:15 to 9:00 p.m.—a schedule designed to meet the needs of full-time students as well as those working part or full-time during their degree programs. Furthermore, the MAcc is even designed to allow student professionals the option of opting in or out of a given term, depending on the demands of work and other life pursuits. Students may be proceed at their own pace, speeding up or slowing down as needed. Each student has up to three years to complete the MAcc once it is begun. Students also have the option of selecting from a minimum of four international trip options per year for their MGT 6350 – International Study Abroad course requirement.

Personal Touch. An additional characteristic that sets The Massey School apart from many of its peers is the personal attention given to each student’s learning needs. Enrollments are managed to assure small class sizes (average of less than 20 in graduate accounting courses) so that students have significant opportunities to interact with each professor and their peers. All faculty are deeply committed to making sure that each student’s learning environment is an effective one for that individual.


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