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Teacher Education Council



TEC Membership 2015-2016
Department Chair Dr. Mark Hogan
Faculty Dr. Sally Barton-Arwood
Director of Clinical Practice Ms. Kate McGowan
Director of Center for Innovative Projects in Education Dr. Alan Coverstone
School of Humanities Faculty Dr. Bonnie Smith-Whitehouse
STEM Science Faculty Dr. Danielle Garrett
STEM Math Faculty Dr. Ryan Fox
College of Visual and Performing Arts Dr. Justin Makemson
Student Teaching Supervisor Ms. Joyce Jones
Alumni Mr. Antonio Meeks
External Members
MNPS: Director Level Administrator Dr.  Katie Cour
Teacher, Norman Binkley Dr.  Clee Lee
District Level Administrator-Sumner County Schools Dr.  Kevin Steelman
Independent School Administrator: Charter School Leader Dr.  Patrick Rudd
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dr. Bryce Sullivan
Provost Office Representative Dr. Beverly Schneller
Teacher Certification Officer Ms. Andrea McClain
Officer Manager Mrs. Ann Baldwin