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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Administrative Faculty

Dean of College of Visual and Performing Arts
Dr. Stephen Eaves

Associate Dean, Academic Studies
Dr. Madeline Bridges

Associate Dean, Performance Studies
Dr. Jeffrey W. Kirk

Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Kris Elsberry


Bachelor of Arts Degree  - Dr. Kris Elsberry
Church Music - Mr. Wayne Causey
Commercial Music - Mr. Henry Smiley
Composition - Dr. Mark Volker
International Studies - Dr. Ted Wylie
Music Education - Dr. Deen Entsminger
Music History - Dr. Terry Klefstad
Music Minor - Dr. Richard Shadinger
Music Technology - Mr. Keith Mason
Musical Theatre - Mrs. Nancy Allen
Music with an Outside Minor - Dr. Kris Elsberry
Piano Pedagogy  - Dr. Kristian Klefstad
Music Theory - Dr. Richard Hoffman



Composition - Dr. Mark Volker
Instrumental Studies - Dr. Joel Treybig
     Guitar - Mr. John Pell
     Percussion - Dr. Christopher Norton
     Strings - Ms. Elisabeth Small
Keyboard Studies - Dr. Daniel Landes
Vocal Studies - Dr. Mark Whatley
     Commercial Voice Liaison - Mrs. Sandra Dudley




Choral Ensembles - Dr. Jeffery Ames
Instrumental Ensembles - Dr. Barry Kraus