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Top of Janet Ayers Academic Center

About Facilities

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Leading-edge Research Facilities

The College of Sciences and Mathematics is housed in the brand new $76 million Janet Ayers Academic Center, an 186,000 square foot structure featuring state of the art instructional spaces and research laboratories for the natural sciences, computer science and mathematics that greatly enhance hands-on experiential learning. The building, which opened in fall 2014, also includes the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and College of Theology and Christian Ministry.

In addition, the building holds approximately 32,000 square feet devoted to the College of Science and Mathematics containing 26 science labs outfitted with more than $2 million in equipment, including:

  • State of the art spectrometers
  • A microwave reaction chamber
  • A cold room and incubators for biological studies
  • A state-of-the-art laser laboratory
  • Acoustics laboratory
  • Operational green roof
  • Ecology/zoology/botany lab
  • Anatomy and physiology labs
  • Organic chemistry lab
  • Chemistry instrumentation lab
  • Zebrafish lab
  • Tissue Culture lab
  • Microscopy suite
  • Cell/Molecular/Genomics lab
  • Learning lab - animal lab with Skinner boxes, a radial maze and attenuation chambers
  • Physiological lab - EEG, reaction time, and biofeedback equipment
  • Social/Development lab - audio-visual recording equipment, two way mirrors
  • Dissection lab - numerous models to guide anatomical dissections
  • Cognition/Sensation and Perception lab - eye tracking, oculus devices

At many universities these types of high-caliber equipment are reserved strictly for graduate students. However, a unique feature of the College of Science and Mathematics at Belmont is that undergraduate students have exclusive access to this equipment during daily classes, labs and research projects.